Let’s Brew Some Beer!

That’s literally how this company was started. Two old friends, sitting around bored, deciding one say to drive to Love to Brew in New Brunswick to buy a 5 gallon home brewing kit. After brewing about 6 batches, and realizing that we drink way too much beer to only brew 5 gallon batches (each 5 gallon batch yields about 2 cases of 24 -12 oz bottles), we decided to step up our game and brew 15 gallon batches.


Our 1st day of brewing. (above, Mike Betros) (below, Will Grundmann)


Kick It Up A Notch

Fast forward more than 2 years later, and we are ready to take it to the next level. After brewing countless batches, perfecting recipes, reading dozens of books, brushing up on our chemistry and biology skills (yes, beer is all science!), buying equipment, and incorporating our business, we are beginning the long road to one day seeing our beer on tap all along the Jersey Shore.

One thing is for sure: we love what we do. What ever you do in life, own it. Make it yours. Be weird. Be creative. Be innovative. Don’t be afraid to fail. And above all, don’t be afraid to succeed.

We hope you stick around as we chronicle the ups and down, the nitty and the gritty, the real and the tasty, of opening a brewery.



Will Grundmann and Mike Betros, CEO, President, and Brewers of Twin Lights Brewing