Year Round

Twin Lights Lager 4.8%

Our first core beer to hit the market was our Twin Lights Lager. This beer will be comes in with a crushable ABV of 4.8%. Brewed with pilsner & victory malt, and topped off with a touch of Saaz & Perle hops.

Double Vision IPA 6.5%

Our second core beer is brewed with pilsner malt, oat malt and flaked oats. A small amount of Chinook was thrown in for bittering with a hefty whirlpool addition of Mosaic and Simcoe. Additionally we used copious amounts of Mosaic & Simcoe in our dry hop additions. The final result is a hazy, crushable, juicy IPA.

Limited Releases

House Party IPA 6.8%

Our limited release House Party is our 6.8% American IPA. This beer is brewed with pilsner, oat malt, and flaked oats in the mash. We used chinook for a touch of bittering and a huge charge of citra & mosaic in the whirlpool, as well as in the dry hop. This results in a full bodied IPA with aromas and flavors of citrus and tropical fruit from the citra along with mixed berries, stone fruit and pine from the mosaic.

MotherFunkie-Cucumber 4.3%

Our first seasonal release comes in at an easy drinkin' 4.3% ABV. Pilsner and wheat in the mash, little dash of Saaz in the beginning of boil and crushed coriander seed and himalayan sea salt at the tail end of boil. We ferment this with a special house yeast which produces a slightly tart beer with undertones of pineapple and mango. Before packaging we dosed this batch with copious amounts of fresh cucumbers.

16oz To Freedom - American Pale Ale - 5.2%

In honor of Fourth of July, we introduce to you another limited release, 16oz To Freedom. Our first American Pale Ale! For the malt bill we incorporated a blend of Pale malt, Maris Otter, and a touch of light crystal. For our hop selection we chose to kick it a little old school. We added Chinook for some bittering and also in the whirlpool combined with Centennial. We dry hopped this beer with Cascade, Centennial and Simcoe for a crushable, medium-bodied, malty and hopped up American Pale Ale!

Day Trippin - Hoppy Blonde Ale - 4.5%

Day Trippin' is our 4.5% hopped up Blonde Ale. For the grain we used a German Pilsner base with some wheat and light crystal. Willamette hops in the kettle backed up with a dose of Amarillo & Simcoe in the dry hop. The outcome is a low ABV, citrusy summertime crusher.

Coastline - NEIIPA - 7.2%

Coastline is our introductory into the NEIPA style. Brewed with pilsner, oat malt and a ton of flake wheat and oats. We went with a blend of Sultana & El Dorado for our whirlpool and dry hop additions. With over 5.5 lbs per bbl, this hop combination brings our a nice blend of pineapple, citrus, berry, and stone fruit notes. Perfect for an end of summer beach day or a late night bon fire.

Mad Visionary - NEIIPA - 7.2%

Mad Visionary is our second venture into the New England style DIPA. Brewed with Pilsner, Oat Malt, a heavy hand of flaked wheat and oats, and a blend of Azacca & Cashmere for our whirlpool and dry hop additions. Coming in at over 5.5 lbs per bbl, this hop combination brings out a nice blend of citrus, tropical fruit and lemony notes.

Edge of Summer - Session IPA - 4.9%

Edge of Summer is our first ever Session IPA to hit the streets. We chose to give this beer a little Australian twist using a substantial amount of Ella & Vic Secret both in the kettle and the dry hop. This beer hits you with a blast of tropical fruit, pine, and grapefruit. Enjoy this crushable beer as the summer season comes to an end and the local summer begins!

Oktoberfest - German Style Lager - 5.6%

For our first Oktoberfest to hit the market we decided to blend the traditional Marzen style with a touch of the more modern Festbier style. Brewed with German Pilsner, Vienna, and Munich in the grist, followed up with a dash of Hallertau. Coming in at 5.6% this beer showcases a malty, toasty and crushable Oktoberfest for all to enjoy! Prost!

Mr. Dempsey - Oatmeal Stout - 5.2%

Leonardo legend has it that Mr. Dempsey committed a series of unfortunate events including murder. Events so horrific, too horrific to describe.. Some believe his ghost still lingers at the Dempsey House today. Growing up in Middletown NJ, the Dempsey House was always a popular place for us to pass by on our bikes or make up different stories about what had happened there.. Inspired by growing up so close to a Weird NJ legend and the team’s collective love for Halloween, we present you our first Oatmeal Stout, Mr. Dempsey..

For the mash we used a blend of Pale Malt, Vienna, Chocolate Malt, Flaked Oats and Roasted Barley. We also added a small amount of Centennial in the boil. With light and sweet, roasty aromas, Mr. Dempsey holds a medium body with a small hop character to balance out the malt. We think this is the perfect beer to hang with your friends around a fire telling ghost stories and we hope you'll agree.⁠

Rocktoberfeast - Harvest Ale - 5.2%

.We present to you Rocktoberfeast. This beer is brewed with 2 Row malt and light touch of British crystal malt. Small addition of Chinook in the boil and a large quantity of Nugget, Cascade & Cascade whole cone hops (provided by The Fir Farm) thrown into the whirlpool. This beer has a fresh hop character consisting of pine, citrus, and dank herbs paired with malty sweetness. This is as fresh as it gets so get your hands on it quick and enjoy the harvest season!

Founded in 2019 as a music and beer festival to raise money to fight hunger in NJ, Rocktoberfeast has now expanded into a state wide food drive. A portion of this proceeds of the sales will go to The Local Fix Foundation, who will be administering the drive alongside Fulfill NJ and helping those in need.