Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I purchase Twin Lights Beer? 

A: Visit our beer finder, located on our website, to enter your location. It will automatically give you the nearest stores where you can purchase our products.

Where are you located/Do you have a tasting room?

A: At this time we do not have a tasting room. All beer must be purchased directly from our partner stores and bars, which can be found using our beer finder on our website.

Do you deliver?

A: We do not deliver. However, some of our partners may deliver. You must call each bar/liquor store individually to see their policies on home deliveries.

I went to one of your stores to purchase your beer and they were sold out. What gives?

A: As each store uses their own inventory system, there is no way for us to directly track how much beer is left at each account. Our beer finder only tells you where it is located, not what beer they have. We recommend calling the store/bar prior to visiting the store to assure they have us in stock.

What is the best way to stay up to date on new Twin Lights products?

A: We recommend following us on Instagram @twinlightsbrewing or on Facebook @twinlightsbrewing to stay up to date on new releases.

Do you sell draft, canned, or bottled beer?

A: At the moment, due to the COVId-19 crisis, we are only canning our products. As restrictions ease and bars and restaurants begin to reopen, we will begin to offer draft beer at these locations.

Our Story

Will and Mike

Twin Lights started off how probably 99% of other breweries started: as homebrewers. Mike and Will, the founders of Twin Lights Brewing, have been friends since the 6th grade. They remained friends through the years, and in February of 2016 they both decided to start home brewing together. 

They had so much fun on the first three batches that they decided to invest some money into more advanced home brewing equipment, and one day pursue a career out of it. Twin Lights was legally founded in 2016, although it would be many more years until they opened their doors to the public. 

During that time, they homebrewed constantly and educated themselves on the science and the business behind brewing beer professionally. Mike worked at Kane Brewing as well as Torch and Crown Brewing Co, while Will pursued a career as a financial advisor with Guardian Life Insurance Company, as well as bartended and managed at numerous restaurants. During this time period they perfected their recipes, including the Double Vision IPA and the Mother Funkie Cucumber Sea Salt Wheat Beer.

In Fall of 2018 they both decided that they were ready to seriously consider opening the brewery. They worked on a business plan for months, with the goal of raising money to open a brewpub in Highlands, NJ. The business plan, all 130 pages of it, was ready to pitch to banks and investors in January of 2019. Sadly, after meeting with numerous financial institutions and individual investors, they were unable to acquire enough capital or find a suitable location to open a brewpub in Highlands.

Mike and Twin Light's 1st batch

So they pivoted, and decided that they would take what money they had or could get and open up as a gypsy brewery instead. A gypsy is typically someone who travels from place to place, a nomad without a home. They are similar yet different to these gypsies of old. Twin Lights does not have its own brew system; rather they travel to other breweries and brew their beer with them. They also do not have their own tasting room; rather they rely on partner liquor stores, bars, and restaurants to help spread the good beer and cheer. 

However, just because they don’t have a physical location doesn’t mean they don’t have a home. Their home has always been New Jersey, specifically the Jersey Shore. The community, the people, the arts, and the lifestyle are what make this area so great. “Work hard, party hard” is the motto many people live by. That, paired with the serenity and beauty of the area we live, couldn’t strike a better balance in life. They strive to make beers that embody that balance, and they will continue to support the community that has given so much to them. 

So cheers, from two old friends to many new friends. They hope you continue to enjoy this beautiful area, each other, and the beer!

Twin Lights Lighthouse overlooking Highlands, NJ and Sandy Hook. The start of the Jersey Shore.